Item                             Average Amount over 4 months.                            Costs

Chlorine Tablets                          50 pcs.                                                        $60.00

PH Down                                     1 gallon                                                       $15.00

PH Up                                          5 lbs                                                            $12.00

Alkalinity                                      10 lbs                                                          $22.00

Stabalizer                                     7 lbs                                                           $30.00

Liquid Chlorine                             5 gallons                                                    $18.00

Algae Treatment                          4 lbs                                                           $16.00

Phosphate Remover                    1 Quart                                                      $25.00

Trips to Pool Store                       At least once a week

Time                                             20 -30 mins a week

                                                     Cost $10.00                                             $160.00

Total Cost over 4 months                                                                              $358.00

Note:  Improperly balancing pool chemicals can result in additional chemical cost's to the pool owner. Additionally, major damage to pool and equipment over the long term could result in major repair cost not factored into the monthly expense to maintain your pool.

Having your swimming pool or spa maintained by a professional pool service company in Walnut Creek and surrounding communities is essential to keeping yours in tip top shape. Clean, functioning reliably, and safe are the most important bullet points when considering maintenance of your swimming pool or spa. Your pool should be a beautiful, healthy and virtually stress-free addition to your home, which is why we strive to emphasize this and assist you in any way we can.

Maintaining a swimming pool or spa requires regular cleaning and balancing of chemicals. Water that is not properly balanced and maintained can be very damaging to the pool and spa surfaces and equipment as well as harmful to swimmers causing itchy skin, burning eyes and ear infections - no one wants that!! KC Pool Services aims to offer you the peace of mind in knowing you can enjoy your pool or spa and live your life without ever having to stress about the maintenance. 

Ultimately, we're the swimming pool service in Contra Costa County and surrounding communities who gives you the gift of time, saving you money and ensuring you a stress-free process with your best interests in mind.

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Swimming Pool service and Repair  in Walnut Creek

Average Bay Area Chemical Cost Breakdown to Consumers.

Why you need a Professional Pool Service

This table below shows what the average swimming pool owner (12,000) gallons, would use to maintain their pool themselves if done properly.

Minimum Do it Yourself Average Cost Per                 Average Pool Service

Month = $90.00                                                           Cost Per Month = $95.00