KC Pool SErvices Swimming pool service and repair based in Walnut Creek


​     $95.00 - $150 / Month*

  • All previous services plus:
  • Pool and Spa vacuumed as needed.
  • Walls brushed as needed.
  • Supplied 3" Tab Float​.
  • Skim Pool and Spa surface debris

Swimming Pool Repair Service & More in Walnut Creek, CA

Weekly ​​SERVICES      


       $75 - $100 / Month*


  • Once a week service provided.   
  • Check & balanced water chemistry.         
  • Provide chemicals if needed.
  • All visits and readings documented.          
  • Check pool & spa equipment and recommend repairs needed.

P.O. Box 2458

Walnut Creek, CA 94595 

​(925) 457-5339

*The monthly service amount is subject to certain conditions. For example, size of pool or spa, if trees or bushes are hanging over pool 
area and regularly drop leaves in the pool and the age and condition of pool and equipment may increase the price for maintenance and service. It is always best to confirm your rate by allowing one of our pool experts to inspect the pool area prior to final quotation of rates. 

We offer three basic levels of weekly swimming pool cleaning and maintenance service in Walnut Creek and surrounding communities. Depending on what your services needs are, we can modify our service to accommodate you.

For those of you that clean your own pool or spa but would like help from time to time, we can offer one time swimming pool skimmer service in Walnut Creek and surrounding communities. Call us and we’ll stop by and give you a free estimate for a one time cleaning and maintenance.

For more information please contact us at: KC Pool Services (925) 457-5339.  Info@kcpoolservices.com

Existing customers receive one free month's service with any referrals that result in a new customers.


      $90 - $125 / Month*

  • All previous Services plus:
  • Brush pool & spa steps as needed.
  • Empty skimmer as needed.
  • Empty pump basket as needed.
  • ​Empty cleanar bag as needed.